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Customer Service Expert Shep Hyken!

Brofessional Development Podcast

Release Date: 02/21/2022

Talking about Startups in St Louis show art Talking about Startups in St Louis

Brofessional Development Podcast

Startups in st louis St Louis is a good place for startups and entrepreneurs for several reasons - the low cost of living and running a business, there are universities, it’s easy to get hold of people in St Louis. Since 2014, VC deals have gone from $2.7m up to $12m last year. Last year’s record high investment statistic is probably thanks to the low interest rate. We expect the number to be lower this year because of the rising interest rates and the companies have been laying off staff to remain profitable. Exits in St Louis haven’t been hugely impressive. From a PR standpoint, it...

Netflix turns 25, Record Baseball Card Sale, and almost half of LinkedIN Profiles have false information! show art Netflix turns 25, Record Baseball Card Sale, and almost half of LinkedIN Profiles have false information!

Brofessional Development Podcast

Join us this week on the Brofessional Development Podcast as Brad Loyet and Dan Greiner sit down with Nathan Rubbelke from the St. Louis Business Journal. We break down some of the most recent current events going on in the world right now. Netflix believe it or not has turned 25 years old and has over 220 million subscribers!  Who can remember getting their first DVD in the mail from Netflix! A basebal card of Mickey Mantles rookie year in 1952 sells for a record 12.6 million dollars setting a new record beating out a 9.3 million dollar jersey of Diego Maradona! How updated is your...

Women Entrepreneur Jillian Tedesco on her Business Journey show art Women Entrepreneur Jillian Tedesco on her Business Journey

Brofessional Development Podcast

Join us on the Brofessional Development Podcast this week as we sit down with Jillian Tedesco of FitFlavors! We talk about Jillians journey from losing a business to rebuilding a multi million dollar healthy meal business. With her husband by her side and the support from him and her faith she has taken the St. Louis Area by storm!  From cooking meals out of her personal kitchen in her house to expanding to multiply facilities to keep up with demand FitFlavors is sure to be a staple for years to come! Tune in and learn some of her secrets to success! Follow us on Instagram: ...

Is it to late to change career paths? show art Is it to late to change career paths?

Brofessional Development Podcast

This week on the Matt Kresko and Brad Loyet dig into if it is ever to late to change career paths.  Advice on how to approach the situation if you find yourself unhappy in your career.  When and how to make that change and chase the happiness that you strive for!  Listen to this weeks episode and find the courage to chase your dreams and start a career you love!

Apple RTO Deadline, High Income Families Trade Down, and Supersonic Jets! show art Apple RTO Deadline, High Income Families Trade Down, and Supersonic Jets!

Brofessional Development Podcast

Follow us on Instagram:  Facebook:  Twitter: Listen to the Brofessional Development Podcast on:  Our Website: Apple Podcasts: Spotify:   Brofessional Development Podcast is hosted by St. Louis Business Owners Bobby Drummond, Brad Loyet, Dan Greiner, and Matt Kresko!   Our Companies: Brad Loyet  

Talking about the Flations! GREED/STAG/SHRINK-FLATION show art Talking about the Flations! GREED/STAG/SHRINK-FLATION

Brofessional Development Podcast

Talking about the Flations Greed/stag/shrink-flation Greedflation is, in theory, where companies raise their prices in industries where inflation hasn’t been that significant. This is an opportunity for companies to raise their prices unnoticed because otherwise consumers would get confused at the different rates of inflation. The indicator for greedflation not being a real thing is healthcare prices. These prices typically go up higher than the rate of inflation. In the past year, healthcare prices have been lower than inflation. The reason it’s political is because they’re trying to...

What would you do if you won the lottery? show art What would you do if you won the lottery?

Brofessional Development Podcast

What we would do if we won the lottery Last week, the Powerball winner got $1.4Billion. If Sal won the Powerball, he would’ve paid his parents’ mortgage off and bought himself a house. The rest of us would buy all the toys and we would get all our closest friends to quit their jobs and work for us. 70% of all lottery winners lose all the money within 5 years. The thing with money is, the more you have, the more you spend. If you’re not making money, you will run out, no matter how much you win. Sports News Some of these NFL suspensions make no sense. Deshaun Watson was suspended for 6...

Having Confidence and Dealing with Insecurities show art Having Confidence and Dealing with Insecurities

Brofessional Development Podcast

Welcome to episode 104 of the Brofessional Development podcast!   This week, the Brofessionals are getting candid—turning the conversation to insecurities and confidence.   Follow along while Bobby and Sal share some of their favorite quotes on insecurity and confidence, what they believe causes insecurities, and how theirs have landed them in some uncomfortable situations.   “I knew that’s not where my future was supposed to go. But instead, I just stayed stuck in that situation, and just ignored it, hoping that it would go away.”   Then, Bobby and Sal get honest...

Flash Floods in St. Louis, Choco Tacos, and Saudi Arabia creates Hunger Games in Real Life! show art Flash Floods in St. Louis, Choco Tacos, and Saudi Arabia creates Hunger Games in Real Life!

Brofessional Development Podcast

In the 103rd episode of the Brofessional Development Podcast, Bobby and Sal will talk about some current events such as Sal’s trip to Las Vegas, what and when their next event is going to be, the St. Louis flash flood, choco tacos, and about Saudi Arabia building the next Hunger Games. Stay tuned! About Sal [0:37] Sal is flying to Las Vegas for the first time in his life for his friend’s bachelor party. He is also going to turn 29 on his birthday on Saturday. Las Vegas Trip [1:11] Sal hasn’t really hung out with most of them, so it will be the first time for him. They’re planning to...

How to make Tough Decisions! show art How to make Tough Decisions!

Brofessional Development Podcast

Often in business and life you are forced with making quick and tough decisions.  Do you rely on your intutition or do you use logic and reasoning to decide your answer? This week we take a deep dive into both avenues!  We talk about the the science behind using your gut and if it is real or just some woo woo thoughts. While making big decisions you often use logic to come to a result, but it is still a big decision that often comes down to using your gut! Take the 20 minutes and learn something with the guys of the Brofessional Development Podcast that will help level you up in life...

More Episodes

Improving customer service is a vital part of growing any business. After all, the lifeblood of any company is repeat customers. As many as 70 percent of customers say they’ll spend more with companies that provide excellent customer service. In a market where it's easier than ever for customers to take their money elsewhere, how can you improve your customer service?


In this episode, we talk to Shep Hyken, CSP, CPAE. He is the Chief Amazement Officer of Shepard Presentations. As a professional speaker and author, Shep works with companies that want to develop loyal relationships with their customers and employees. He is the New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of The Amazement Revolution and The Cult of the Customer.


Shep shares about his journey and how he started his personal and professional development, the common mistakes organizations make with their customer care services, and some of the steps you can take today to make great customer service culture in your organization.


Key Highlights

[00:42] Shep’s views on Spectrum’s customer service experience

[01:16] How Shep connected with Jason Selk

[02:05] Getting started in personal and professional development

[04:15] What has changed in the world of the customer care department

[08:59] Why organizations overlook customer service

[12:32] Customer service is not about the frontline people

[16:23] Dealing with unhappy employees

[20:13] Becoming a destination employer

[21:29] Dealing with already upset customers

[26:12] Customer service solutions

[34:31] Creating a customer-focused culture

[36:37] The power of gratitude

[39:44] The only fans inquiry: The magic trick

[43:59] Connect with Shep

Notable Quotes

  • My best coaches and mentors were actually my parents.
  • Customer service is not a dep[artment. It’s part of the culture.
  • Every single person in your company, no matter how big or small your organization is, has some impact on that end experience the customer has.
  • If you take care of people on the inside, they’re going to take care of people on the outside.
  • Herb Kelleher, the first CEO of Southwest Airlines, when he was asked which is more important, your shareholders who invest in you? Your passengers who pay money? Or the employees? He said the employees. Because “if the employees are happy, then they will take care of the passengers who will fly on the airline again and will then make the shareholders happy.
  • You can’t wow a customer but you can amaze them all the time.
  • Most of the clients that call me, don’t need help. They want sustainability.
  • Leaders have to demonstrate what they want everyone else to do.


Connect with Shep Hyken

Customer Service Speaker | Shep Hyken Keynote Speaker

Shep Hyken: Customer Service & CX-Expert - YouTube

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