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How to build a real estate empire with Sam Primm

Brofessional Development Podcast

Release Date: 03/08/2022

What is trending this week! show art What is trending this week!

Brofessional Development Podcast

This week the guys from Brofessional Development take a look at what is trending the last week!  Tom Brady signs a huge deal to jump in the booth after his playing career!  EA Sports and FIFA split after a dispute over money and contract talks! Elon Musk reports that he believes the ban on Donald Trump was to much on Twitter and he would have him back if he completes purchase! The St. Louis Cardinals Bader hits first inside the park homerun in the new Busch Stadium ever! Follow us on Instagram:  Facebook:  Twitter: Listen to the Brofessional podcast on:  Our...

Automation In The Business Place show art Automation In The Business Place

Brofessional Development Podcast

Do what you do best and outsource the rest. Automation simplifies all business areas by automatically accomplishing tasks that an employee would have to do manually and letting them focus on higher ticket items. In this episode, we explore automation in the business place. From powerful quotes on automation, real-life examples of automation, and how long it takes to pay off when investing in automation. Besides, we dive deep into the impact of automation on employment rates, calculating your ROI and why most people are working towards independent jobs! In this Episode [00:15] Quotes on...

Josh Sample - Speaker Series show art Josh Sample - Speaker Series

Brofessional Development Podcast

Josh Sample is the founder and operating partner of Drive Social Media, a St. Louis- and Nashville area-based digital marketing agency. A serial entrepreneur and marketing strategist/consultant for over a decade, Sample, with his team, has implemented and executed data-driven digital marketing strategies for thousands of companies, ranging from startups and single-person businesses to multi-million dollar organizations. Please apologize for the quiet audio. This was held at a lecture Josh was presenting at! Here Josh Sample is speaking at a Bro's in Business event held in St. Louis hosted by...

Roe vs Wade, Fed Raises Rates, and BMI affecting Sexual Perfomance! show art Roe vs Wade, Fed Raises Rates, and BMI affecting Sexual Perfomance!

Brofessional Development Podcast

In this episode, we dive deep into what’s trending in business and entertainment.  From Drake’s getting revenge on an internet troll by sliding into his Wife’s DM, the Roe versus Wade deal, and the impact of the Fed announcing interest rate hikes with the high inflation rate and GDP numbers being 1% on the negative. Besides, we take a look at Dave Chappelle’s attack on stage with a knife and how your BMI might influence your sexual performance. In this Episode [00:19] What’s happening in our life and business [02:11] Drake’s troll on Twitter [02:53] Jake Paul and McGregor’s...

Catalysts For Change! show art Catalysts For Change!

Brofessional Development Podcast

Catalysts For Change At any point in your life is in one of three phases with change, you either just completed the change, you're in the process of changing or you know that you need to change, but you haven't done anything about it. In this episode, we share with you some of our catalysts for change, and how they have changed our lives to where we are now. Key Highlights [00:06] About today’s topic [00:47] Quotes about change [01:51] Resources on change [02:23] Our experience at Jordan Peterson’s show [07:33] Jordan Peterson’s view on what the greatest catalyst for change [08:28]...

Johnny Depp’s Divorce Trial, Elon’s Twitter Purchase, and Other Hot Topics show art Johnny Depp’s Divorce Trial, Elon’s Twitter Purchase, and Other Hot Topics

Brofessional Development Podcast

In this episode, we talk about some of the recent hot topics including Johnny Depp’s divorce trial against his ex-wife Amber Heard, Elon’s Twitter purchase, when the deal will be finalized, and why exactly Elon purchased Twitter. Tune in to listen to these and more exiting topics. Key Highlights [01:26] Latest hot topics [04:28] What we know so far about Johnny Depp’s divorce trial [06:26] Amber Heard threesome rumor [07:12] Elon Musk Twitter purchase [10:43] Is Elon normal? [11:38] Tesla shares drop [12:31] When will the Twitter deal be finalized [13:21] Other bigger platforms ever...

Shooting the Shit...While High! PART 2 show art Shooting the Shit...While High! PART 2

Brofessional Development Podcast

Join us for part 2 of shooting the shit while high.  We cover some current event topics such as Netflix and their fall from the top of the thrown along with several other hot items!  

Shooting the Shit...While High! show art Shooting the Shit...While High!

Brofessional Development Podcast

We recorded an episode on 420 and induldged ourselves in the process.  Join us for a quick episode where we talk about all the stereotypical traits about weed.  The best snacks while high, best movies, quotes!  You name it we covered it this week.  We were once again joined by Drew Lammert as our resident canabis expert to help steer the ship!

Perception show art Perception

Brofessional Development Podcast

This week the guys from Brofessional Development are once again joined by NASCAR star Kenny Wallace and we talk about PERCEPTION! Perception is an important factor in life that starts from the time you are born. People perceive what others are capable of along with they themselves are able to achieve! In the 20 minutes we host this podcast we cover a broad array in the topic along with real life items and how they have affected all of us! Perception is created from the time you are born.  Instilled in you from friends, family, and teachers.  Everyone can percieve items from a...

The Business of Weed with Drew Lammert show art The Business of Weed with Drew Lammert

Brofessional Development Podcast

Our special 420 episode is now live! Join us as we sit down with Drew Lammert from KindGoods and Day Break Cannabis!  We talk about the business side of weed and how they have brought medical marijunana to the state of Missouri.  The bros recorded this podcast in the middle of a cultivation facility and learned about the processes of taking a seed a developing it into something that can be used for the end user!  Drew was nice enough to fill us in on the amount of capital needed to get this venture off the ground and the efforts that are being made to serve their...

More Episodes

A lot of people think that you need to accumulate several million to invest in real estate, but you can invest even from jail as long as you have a phone. You don’t need to have a lot of money. You can leverage other people’s money and make robust returns by buying rental properties or flipping houses.

In this episode, Sam shares his journey from quitting corporate to real estate, leveraging on other people’s money, his funny moment as a landlord, and the secret behind his huge success in online programs. Besides, he highlights the secret behind his huge following on TikTok and how to determine if your self-storage facility will perform. If you’re looking forward to investing in real estate, whether as a side hustle or full-time, this episode is for you!


In this Episode

[00:09] About Sam Primm

[01:24] Sam’s story of quitting his corporate job for entrepreneurship

[02:54] Growing up as an entrepreneur

[06:27] Investing in real estate using leverage

[12:11] Where to start if you have $0 or $200

[17:11] Setting specific goals on what you need to invest in per year

[18:22] Can you do real estate as a part-time gig, full-time job, or both?

[19:50] How much time do you need to allocate if you’re in corporate to do ten rentals over five years?

[22:39] Favorite or worst landlord story when you started out

[25:06] The secret behind Sam’s huge following on TikTok

[32:14] Sam’s success in online programs and coaching

[37:16] Resources that have been significant in Sam’s professional life

[39:08] First step to self-storage without experience

[41:51] How to determine whether a self-storage facility will perform

[45:26] Sam’s online courses

[47:44] At what point did you set money aside to build your first home

Powerful Quotes

  • You can invest in real estate from jail if you’re able to sneak a phone.
  • You got to be involved with the local community no matter where you are.
  • Everybody borrows money. That’s how the world works. If you borrow money, invest in something that grows cash and produces value.
  • I posted on TikTok every single day for the past 18 months. So, continually putting stuff out there and giving free information, people will follow you.
  • If you make your entire YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram about pushing a product, it will get stoked. People are going to stop watching and go away.
  • Understanding that you are not alone in the problems you are going through helps push you past the point most people get stuck.
  • Every single investor I know has two things in common. They wish they had started earlier, and two, they all pay for some type of subscription or coaching service.
  • Having the right mentorship just keeps you out of the gutters. It’s going to save you time, money, and headaches.