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Beauty as a Currency with Maggie Campbell

Born On 3rd

Release Date: 05/23/2022

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Looking at – and owning – the truth about white privilege can be awkward, even painful, but it doesn’t have to be lonely. This episode of Born on 3rd brings us to the dinner tables where tough conversations are building community around honesty, inclusivity and respect. Host Tim Kaelin’s guest, Saira Rao, is sharing her personal journey from “pedigreed” lawyer and successful woman of color playing the Wall Street game to tireless crusader against white supremacy. As co-founders of , co-authors of the must-read , and their documentary , Saira and her partner, Regina Jackson, are...

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Understanding Adoption and Its Effects on Adoptees with Patrick Armstrong Patrick is an intercountry, transracial, Korean American adoptee. He was born in Korea and then adopted by a white family in the United States. Patrick had all he wanted while growing up, but it felt like something was missing. For the first 30 years of Patrick's life, he lived in a state of rejection of his Asian and Korean identities and worthiness. He was fighting to fit in. At 30, he had the wake-up call that got him in a state of reclamation. In this episode, Patrick shares his experience as an adoptee, how it...

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How would you feel if someone discriminated in public and no one came to your rescue? Would you have the courage to stand up for yourself? In this episode of Born on 3rd podcast, I have the privilege of hosting the amazing Monique Kelley. She recently became an associate professor at Boston University's College of Communication. She's the faculty advisor for the university's award-winning Public Relations Student Society of America chapter. She's also an entrepreneur, the founder of Monique Kelley Consulting, and a founding member of the Women's executive organization called chief. Monique...

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Welcome back to another installment of Born On Third, this week on the show I am joined by Co-founder of Kind Cotton - Kaitlin Johnstone. During her days as an educator Kaitlin noticed a lot of underrepresentation in the books she was teaching. The demographic in her classroom did not reflect the characters in the books being used, so together with her husband she sought to change that. Fast forward to 2022 Kind Cotton has donated over 52,000 books with their goal only growing and their reach expanding! Key Takeaways: Even in school districts with a high demographic of black and Hispanic...

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Welcome back to another episode of Born on Third, today on the show I am joined by Lonnie Brewer to discuss his experience growing up on first base and parenting. Lonnie is an H.R. consultant, a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Consultant, and has his own podcast underway titled On Becoming Bulletproof. Growing up with three sisters and a mother who continually worked at least two jobs, Lonnie felt the responsibility to be the man of the house, even at five years old. He shares the stark transition from living in a dangerous area with no racism to a safer white neighborhood with overt racism....

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Welcome back to another installment of Born on Third, this week on the show I welcome Pastor, serial non-profit entrepreneur, and author of the book Neighborliness: Love Like Jesus. Cross Dividing Lines. Transform Your Community, David Docusen. In this episode, David speaks on the hypocrisy we see in religious texts and how it addresses contemporary issues like economic divide, race, and sexual orientation. As a person who experienced living on both 3rd and 1st base, David points out the biases we are conditioned to believe and practice, even if it's subconscious. Learning through...

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Welcome back to another episode of Born on Third. On this episode we are joined by author of the book , Jared Karol. Jared has been a champion for diversity as showcased through his works at Translator, Inc. as a D.E.I consultant and public speaker. In this episode, Jared flips the connotation of privilege from a meaning of accusation to an opportunity for collaboration in dismantling oppressive systems and people. With over 20 years of expertise under his belt, Jared has been able to introduce humanity to the conversation of racism. His work has flipped the script to sway white folks into...

More Episodes

Welcome back to another episode of Born On Third. This week on the show we welcome Maggie Campbell; a leader in the spirit industry, an expert in rum distilling, and an advocate for women.

In this episode, Maggie addresses the pushback she has experienced as a woman in the distillery industry.  She acknowledges the role pretty privileged played in advancing her career while also juxtaposing the declining effect it has as accepted conventional beauty standards begin to fade. All things considered, Maggie’s championing for women’s progress in the spirit industry has materialized at Mount Gay where over 50% of women are in managerial position and with an even higher diversity average. 


Key Takeaways:

    • White saviorism is not the same helping. It promotes unsolicited “rescuing” of marginalized communities and only benefits the ego of the white savior complex ideology
    • Modern segregation in Barbados Barbados is almost nonexistent. Whereas segregation in America is intentional and is clearly defined in each neighborhood 
  • America is an individual-centered culture and Barbados is a community-centered culture


Episode Highlights:

[00:50] Introduction to Maggie Campbell

[02:49] What base do you think you were born on?

[05:00] Pretty privilege

[07:51] Body and size cultures

[10:41] Community organizing 

[13:00] The Trevor Project

[15:25] Getting into rum

[19:40] Pushback as a woman in the industry

[24:20] Moving from Boston to Barbados  

[31:37] Difference in justices between America and Barbados

[36:41] Welcoming culture of Barbados 

[39:07] Recognizing the difference in segregation

[43:33] Safety in work environments

[47:00] Transition into moving internationally

[52:51] What base do you think you’re on now?

[55:33] Connect with Maggie



  • “Beauty as a currency” 
  • “In our language [and] in our daily lives we tie so much to being thin”
  • “The desire to police other people is something I’ve gained a lot perspective on since moving outside of the United States”
  • “Trying to bring the same respect that people have for scotch to the rum world is hard because there is a level colonization and exploitation in the history of rum” 
  • “There’s a big difference between white saviorism and actually truly helping someone shine”
  • “Friends of many, satellites of none”