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[AUDIO] Nothing But the Blood for EmbassyTV

Full Porch Press

Release Date: 09/13/2014

Ever wondered why all the blood in the Old Testament? What kind of God would require blood sacrifice? Do you read quickly past mentions of the blood in Scripture-even the over 250 in the New Testament?

In 1955, Billy Graham was invited to the University of Cambridge in England to speak by a small group of Christians. Almost immediately, letters to the editor of the Times of London began to pour in voicing objection to this type of fundamentalist Christian speaking on campus and questioning what he could possibly teach the fine young men of Cambridge. This freaked Graham out, so he prepared a series of high minded, erudite sermons of each of the eight days. For two nights, 2,000 students and faculty packed out the church, but nothing happened. 

That Wednesday night—the third night of his stay—Graham set aside his lesson and began by saying, “Let me tell you what I know about the Cross of Jesus Christ.” That night, four hundred students stayed behind and accepted Jesus as their Savior. There is no public recording or transcript of that night, but this is what Graham might have said.

“Nothing But the Blood” tracks the history of Biblical blood sacrifice through Genesis and the first part of Exodus to see what we can learn from God’s clear instruction to man that blood covers sin. It answers the question, “Why all the blood in the Old Testament?” and “What kind of God would require so much blood?”

Using Scripture from Genesis 1 & Genesis 2 (Creation & the Trinity, #inthebeginning, #thegreatcefuldance, #thosewhocantnot), Leviticus 17 (Life is the Blood, Hebrew Law), Hebrews 10, Genesis 3 (the Fall, #thefall),Genesis 4 (Cain & Abel, #thosewhocantnot), Genesis 8 (Noah’s Ark), Genesis 15 (establishing the covenant and God will fill the gap), Genesis 18 & Jeremiah 5 (Abram and Jesus, Theophany, the sin of the right One can cover all), Genesis 22 (offering of Isaac, God will provide the sacrifice), Exodus 12(“When I see the blood, I will pass over.”) & Isaiah 53 (we are healed by His scourging).

Further examples are given of the results of the blood of Christ in our lives using modern day stories to understand biblical terms like:

1.     Redemption of the Soul (Pawn Shop),
2.     Remission of Sin (forgiveness and child’s pleading of justice),
3.     Justification of Sin (Prisoners, #justasifidnever),
4.     Reconcilliation with the Creator (couple at the grave),
5.     Cleansing of ourselves (Earnest Gordon is saved by the blood of the Argyle soldier),
6.     Peace with God, with community and with ourselves

The video Passion of the Christ – Whipping Scene (Third Day), can be seen at on YouTube by clicking http://youtu.be/2V4jxkoXp2U

Sermon given by Bryant Cornett, author of A Rooster Once Crowed
Provided by Full Porch Press
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