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You Can Hypnotize Your Self In One Hour!

The Brain Garage Podcast

Release Date: 11/25/2014

If you can read out loud you
can hypnotize yourself!

And you can do it in one hour with our latest program, Ultimate Self-Hypnosis: The 30-Day Plan, that delivers a full month of hypnosis programs, along with the scripts and instruction to help you experience the power of hypnosis in your own voice.

Hundreds of people have already signed up and are enjoying this incredible resource – every day, you receive a new self-hypnosis MP3 to listen to, as well as the corresponding script so you can make it even more powerful by making it your very own, in your own voice.

I decided to make a free, brand-new self-hypnosis MP3 and script available to you, just in case you want to make sure you want to invest your time and effort in this program – and I am excited, because I know you’re going to find it exciting and fun.

In order to get the free self-hypnosis MP3 and script, just sign up for our email newsletter at The Brain Garage, and you will be taken to the page to get both awesome digital assets.

And once you're there, all you have to do, literally, is print out the free self-hypnosis script, and read it (in your most convincing and soothing voice) into an audio recording program – and then listen, whenever you like, and whenever, in this case, you want to feel completely relaxed and remind yourself of the power of natural optimism. (I recommend listening to and enjoying the free MP3 as well, to get an idea how it’s done!)

Over the years I have found hypnosis is more effective when people listen to good, and powerful and transformative words, in their own voice – when you are telling yourself it’s okay to do great things!

And once you’ve experienced this free MP3 and self-hypnosis script, I hope you will be ready to join the 30-day experience – inside the member’s area, you’re going to find lots of extras, such as instructional videos, PDF documents, as well as specially designed music and brain wave “beds” that you can add to your recording to make them sound just as professional as the best hypnosis MP3s on the market today. Enjoy!

Frank Giovinazzi
CEO, The Brain Garage


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