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John Ruhlin on Appreciative Leadership, Becoming #1 Out of 1-Million, Gifting $250,000 a Year and other Tales from a Poor Farm Boy

The Jake Sasseville Show

Release Date: 01/21/2015

John Ruhlin, in his mid 30s, gifts $250,000 per year. He's also #1 sales person of all time at Cutco knives (out of 1-million total people). It's what he calls being a living example of "Appreciative Leadership," something John learned from his grandfather, growing up a poor farm boy in Ohio. 

John is the CEO of the Ruhlin Promotional Group and works with fortune 500 companies, global non-profits, major sports teams and others to appreciate those most important in their personal or professional lives. His team researches, plots and plans the very best, most unexpected and most thoughtful gifts for those who deserve.

John and Jake are old friends.They talk western culture and its transactional relationships, great stories from the front lines of winning business and lifetime friendships through thoughtful gift giving and the personal side to the art of appreciation.

At the top of the show on the "slightly above average panel," Jake, Max, Vivienne and Topher talk about working with and dating your boy/girlfriend and the best way to avoid the pitfalls.

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