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Episode 5: How To Get Out Of A Ticket

The Police Podcast

Release Date: 01/26/2015

Today we talk about the most common interaction that most people have with the police. The traffic stop. We cover three things that are helpful to everyone who finds themselves in the position of seeing the red and blue lights behind you.

Enforcement: Why do police do street level enforcment on 'minor' offences related to traffic. Parking, moving violations, regulations for traffic flow.

How To Get Out of A Ticket: I give you 7 tips to avoid getting a ticket from the police. 6 out of the 7 tips have all worked on me to let people go at one time or another. The 7th tip worked every single time.

Thing To NEVER Do: There are a few things that people try which I'm telling you that have never worked on me nor did they ever work on many of my friends. Don't do these ones.

Have a great day!