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Kweku Mandela.

The Jake Sasseville Show

Release Date: 02/11/2015

Kweku Mandela is the grandson of Nelson Mandela. He and I are both 29 years old and we're both men.  That's where you'd expect the similiarities to end. Not true. 

I loved my conversation with Kweku, who shared with me that beneath his grandfather's steely determination, Mr. Nelson had reservations about assuming the roles that were thrust upon him.

Kweku talked about the challenges in his relationship with his dad (something I identify with personally) and how he healed it. We talk about an incredible documentary film he released ("Beyond Right and Wrong") and how forgiveness in action is a big part of his life, based on what his granddad taught him. 

Ironically, Kweku grew up in Amherst, Mass. before moving back to South Africa when his granddad became president. He became a filmmaker and travels the world. I'm impressed with how connected and rooted Kweku is despite having a last name that is globally recognized as a symbol of justice, equality and dignity. 

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