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Annie Lalla x Not Wasting Orgasms x Love and Relationships Coaching x High Vibe Interview

The Jake Sasseville Show

Release Date: 03/09/2015


Annie Lalla’s work in understanding love & relationships is reflected in her marriage to Eben Pagan. Her daughter’s name is Love Being (Eben’s idea, she swears!) and Annie is a love and relationship coach - one of the best, I'd argue. 


We cover the bases and run the gamut together in this interesting, raw and odd interview that will engage and delight you. Annie candidly shares that relationships aren’t compromises, they are investments. 


“Would you say going to a grocery store and purchasing veggies is a compromise?” Annie asks. No, it’s an investment, in your family or your health. Same with relationships. Relationships aren't compromises. 


What I found particularly engaging about Annie is her deep sense of understanding on the areas she covers with an incredibly human touch.


Speaking of touch, she’ll share how she learned to invoice her clients in a more timely manner (and without shame!) by withdrawing $2000 in 20-dollar-bills, laying them on a bed and masterbating in the bed of $20s. 


On Love Cynics… 


"Every cynic is a  failed idealist," Annie says. “I know there’s an ember burning in every cynic…” 


On her marriage to Eben…


“I fell in love with who I get to be… to live into that, I have to grow, stretch and abandon my identity… I didn’t fell in love with my husband, I fell in love with the possibility to be extraordinary…” 


Loving Annie Lalla. You will too.



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