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Rewrite Your Money Script: "What Happens When You ...?"

The Brain Garage Podcast

Release Date: 03/12/2015

Get instant access to the online course, complete PDF and 60-day email sequence!

Hey this is Frank from The Brain Garage with a brand new series called Rewrite Your Money Script.

This program, which is also a three part course, presents 60 hypnotic language patterns to help you literally overcome and rewrite your existing money script.

Whether you're rich or poor, your financial destiny is governed by an invisible script.  For most people this silent overseer came from their family and early environment, as well as life experience. And for many, this invisible money script is keeping them in dire financial straits.

By giving you these 60 hypnotic language patterns to use as a template to write the kind of financial script that you actually, consciously want to live, I believe this is the most effective way to help lift you onto a prosperous trajectory.

You may be familiar with the concept of hypnotic language patterns as developed by Dr. Milton Erickson.  These are common and flexible phrases that help point your mind toward optimistic and solution oriented outcomes.

They are of course used by hypnotists, as well as marketers and even political consultants.  The innovation here is to give them to you, so you can use them on yourself - again, consciously and deliberately. 

When you study, practice and rewrite these hypnotic language patterns to fit the kind of financial life you want to lead, you'll find yourself feeling more empowered about money.  You'll also find yourself feeling more optimistic and capable of being able to earn, keep and manage more money.

I hope you enjoy this example. If you want to find out more about the three part course, followed link under the show description.

The course includes a 126 page PDF document that you can download and print out to use as a workbook, it also includes a 60 day e-mail sequence and, perhaps the most exciting component is the 60 module online and interactive course program.  

For each a language pattern in the online course you'll be presented with one language pattern and 10 examples in the instruction module, followed by a worksheet module where you can write five of your own examples in the space provided.

This format is very effective, because you can move from pattern to pattern and really feel like you're making progress while having lots of fun. I hope you enjoy both the sample and the course when you go to the website to check it out.

Today's sample is, "What happens when you ...?"

Get instant access to the online course, complete PDF and 60-day email sequence!