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Ep 17: The Fools in Ferguson

The Police Podcast

Release Date: 03/13/2015

I get that people want and that a real change needs to happen in the City of Ferguson, Missouri, but shooting two police officers will do nothing to allow change to happen. In fact...it may make matters worse.

There are many people who look at what has happened in Ferguson since Michael Brown was shot and believe that much of the violence, desruction and rioting was nothing more than an excuse to act in a lawless manner and take advantage of an opportunity.

Then the 2 Department of Justice reports came out and many people thought, "Hold on...there was a corrupt judiciary, a corrupt town and a corrupt police command." Moderate conservatives started to recognize that real change was needed and a community truly did need healing.

The 2 officers are shot without justification...so much for getting support. I know people that have said, "The community deserves what they get."

I won't use some of the other words that were used, but to say empathy has been lost would be an understatement!

Now we wait for an investigation to end and arrests to be made...and we wait.

Hopefully the investigators have access to Geofeedia to grab as much infomation that is available as possible.