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Rental Real Estate: Are You Protected w/ Catherine McCarron

The Boston Real Estate Journal - Real Estate Investing, Sales & Economics

Release Date: 03/24/2015

I recently had attorney Catherine McCarron speak at one of my networking events and there were so many questions during her Q&A session that we ran out of time(literally).


Here's your chance to get her live again and get any of you unanswered questions responded to. We will be focusing on protecting yourself as a landlord in Massachusetts from evictions to leases, lead paint and more.


Catherine F. McCarron, Esq., of Jager Smith P.C., Boston, Massachusetts Catherine is an attorney practicing in Massachusetts, Maine and New York and a licensed real estate broker and REALTOR in Massachusetts. Since 1986 she has represented individual and corporate clients in all areas of residential and commercial real estate transactions including sales, leasing and financing.


She will discuss current trends in landlord/tenant law with guidance on leasing and occupancy forms, strategies and recommended protective measures for both new and experienced property owners.