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Nathalie Sejean - 003

The Filmback Podcast

Release Date: 04/28/2015


This week we welcome our producer, Claire Tanner to the cohost chair to speak with Nathalie Sejean from Mentorless.com. Nathalie is a story fabricator, a filmmaker, an artist and a mentor to the mentorless. We welcome her to the show to talk about her own creative journey and what we can learn from her experiences. 


Memorable Moments:


3:42 Nathalie shares what she does to relax and be inspired.

4:23 Nathalie discusses avoiding burnout and the importance of sleep and yoga for creativity.

8:18 Nathalie discusses creativity and a time in her life when she lost it.

12:00 Claire asks Nathalie about what first sparked Nathalie's creativity.

13:00 Claire shares a memory from her childhood about being creative in play.

14:40 Cory asks how Nathalie manages to do all she does creatively.

17:11 Nathalie explains where the desire to share her knowledge with others interested in filmmaking via Mentorless.com began.

18:40 Cory asks about the challenges of running a website like Mentorless.com

19:58 Nathalie tells Cory about the rewards of Mentorless.com

23:19 Claire asks "Is success scary?"

26:20 Nathalie discusses the moment she wanted to shut her website down.

27:40 Nathalie discusses her interactive music video Ticking Bomb.

32:20 Claire asks about the importance of storytelling.

34:55 Cory asks about the influence traveling has had on Nathalie's art.

37:40 Nathalie shares how lucky she feels having a French passport and the benefits it affords her.

39:45 Claire asks about managing creative relationships.

42:58 Cory asks about the importance of collaboration. 

44:10 "The process may be funnier when you're working with others."

46:10 Nathalie tell us what filmmakers need to know starting out.

47:10 Nathalie reflects on Amanda Palmer's words on not having an audience unless you create something.

49:45 Cory asks about a book for filmmakers

50:54 Nathalie warns agains reading too many books on filmmaking and not actually getting out there and creating.

54:10 Cory asks what Nathalie wants to see from up and coming filmmakers.

54:31 Claire reacts to Nathalie mentioning SHORT TERM 12 as a favorite recent film.

57:45 Cory asks about Nathalie's plans for 2015.

59:25 Claire asks about the importance of goal setting.


Resources Mentioned On The Show:

TeuxDeux (productivity app)



Screenplay: The Foundations of Screenwriting - Syd Field



Short Term 12, Stories We Tell


Connect With Nathalie:

Website: Mentorless.com

Website: gizlie.com

Facebook: facebook.com/pages/Mentorless

Twitter: @mentorless 

Instagram: @mentorless


Connect with the show:

Twitter: @filmbacktv

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