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128 SHAWN STEVENSON: "Sleep Smarter"

BOLD | Inspiring interviews with provocative people| Hosted by Emmy winner LeGrande Green

Release Date: 05/03/2015

“Sleep Smarter” is an informative and entertaining look at how sleep impacts your mind, body, and performance–without skimping on the how to's. Today on BOLD, best-selling author Shawn Stevenson delivers the can’t-miss tips you need to get the sleep you really deserve.




“No one can ignore the laws of the body. They call it ‘beauty sleep’ for a reason. Sleep is the biggest restorative agent there is.” Whether you've struggled with sleep problems–or simply interested in living a longer, healthier life­–Shawn reveals:




­–why you need to sleep more and exercise less to get the best fitness results

–how your iPad time could be wrecking your health
–why sleep is the missing ingredient for long-term fat loss




An emerging thought leader on fitness and nutrition, Shawn is the host of “Model Health,” a popular podcast that just passed 1 million downloads on iTunes. His website is www.theshawnstevensonmodel.com. Join the conversation at www.getboldtoday.com