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WEBINAR: How to Start a YouTube Channel or Podcast

Clients From Hell Podcast

Release Date: 05/07/2015

Satchell Drakes – owner of the YouTube channel Satchbag Goods and co-host of the podcast Cinephelia Anonymous – joins Bryce Bladon for a webinar to discuss how creatives can use their existing skill sets to create a Podcast or YouTube Channel. The advice within doesn’t just apply to those two mediums, though.

“This isn’t a prescriptive path to success,” warns Satchell. We’re not guaranteeing you’ll have 100,000 subscribers by the end of the month, or that you can quit your day job tomorrow.

However, it is a fantastic starting point. Satchell expands on how he got started, how he met his heroes, and how his projects improved. He suggests best practices and he gives practical advice for getting started.

We discuss:

  • The value of mentors (19:30)
  • The importance of criticism (21:30)
  • The duality of free work (26:00)
  • The power of community and shared culture (34:30)
  • How sincere relationships trump superficial networking (36:20)
  • Growing and learning (50:15)
  • Why getting started is more important than planning each and every step (53:30)

And, as always, we address common questions from the live listeners in the audience.

Cliff Notes:

  • Don’t waste too much time planning – getting started is more important. Make meaningful steps.
  • Once you’ve gotten started, reach out to those admire. Seek criticism, and act on it; if you actually follow-up on someone’s advice, that person will appreciate it and they’ll appreciate you for trying.
  • Free work can be okay as long as you’re the one initiating it. Work without a price tag is sincere, and it’s a great way to build relationships and a community based around a shared culture.
  • Ditch the business cards for sincere connections. No one is upset if you tell them you appreciate their work. Seek others who share your interest, and build connections around that. Trust and a sense of community have incredible value.
  • It’s easy to get distracted by productivity porn. While research is important, don’t spend all your time planning your first step. Start creating. Start doing. Do your homework when you hit an obstacle, and seek advice if you feel like you’ve stopped growing.
  • We’re all growing and learning, regardless of how many followers or views we have. Don’t put yourself or those around you on a pedestal. Instead, focus on how you can help them reach new heights.
  • Part of loving something is paying attention to how it’s received. The value of online communities is that feedback is always close, as is support.


Create, collaborate, and listen. Be consistent in your work and how you interact with your audience and mentors.

Extra Credit:

In this episode, we discuss the documentaries Helvetica and Indie Game: The Movie. Both are fantastic sources of inspiration.

A comment from Tim Ferris’ recent Reddit AMA offers some great advice (and books) on the good kind of networking.  

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