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Episode 9 - Bonus Ep Michael Zakin

Best Job Ever

Release Date: 06/01/2015

Shortly after the original interview was recorded Zakin called up Jay and requested that we do a follow-up interview to discuss some things that we failed to mention during the first session.  We discuss a lot of advice for anyone looking to enter the film/tv business as well as the internship program at The Director's Bureau (Roman Coppola's production company).  It's a short talk but lots of gems in there.

Michael Zakin started off as Set PA on Beverly Hills 90210.  It was there that he caught the bug and joined the circus.  Before long he was producing music videos with some of the best bands and directors in the world at Virgin Records.  The bubble burst in the music video industry leaving few unscathed but Zakin survived and has been serving a long residency at American Zoetrope as the VP of Film Production.  American Zoetrope was founded by Francis Ford Coppola in 1969 and has produced countless classic films since.  While at Zoetrope Zakin produced "Life After Beth", "The Bling Ring", "Mozart in the Jungle" as well the upcoming "A Very Murray Christmas" (Starring Bill Murray and Directed by Sofia Coppola) and "Bonjour Anne" (Eleanor Coppola's directorial debut).  You can't find a more honest, trustworthy and talented Producer than Michael Zakin.