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#114 - Ms. Marvel, Kamala Khan, and Positive Representation

That Thing You Like

Release Date: 06/18/2015

MS. MARVEL, specifically Kamala Khan, is f*cking amazing. Not to put too fine a point on it. It's everything the most classic Marvel comics have ever offered - adventure! fun! humour! memorable characters! great action! But, unlike much of mainstream media, MS. MARVEL does it all while also being progressive as all hell. Showcasing the experiences and upbringing of a young Muslim-American woman, this is a rare outsider story that is at once highly specific, yet relatable. In short, it's everything the two white men hosting this podcast have always wanted!

On this ep, we talk about the characterization, team-ups, and instant classic-feeling of Ms. Marvel. We also talk about how much we want a Ms. Marvel movie like, right now. And also talk about the ridiculous levels of whiteness in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Happy listening!