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Conversation with Desmond Child - Ep195

Decibel Geek Podcast

Release Date: 06/29/2015

Our Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Part Two - Ep430 show art Our Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Part Two - Ep430

Decibel Geek Podcast

We're back this week to present Our Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Part Two! If you thought last week's list was wacky, wait til you hear this! This week we're going from 2000-present. Like last week, we look at the list of official inductees from the Rock Hall and make our picks by comparison. Drawing on what bands were eligible each year, you can imagine how much different our list is from the official one. Of course, it's way better! Our Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Part 2   Let us know what you think of our picks and make your own in the comments below! We hope you enjoy Our Rock and Roll...

Our Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Part One - Ep429 show art Our Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Part One - Ep429

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This week we give our take on a pretty divisive topic in music fandom as we present Our Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Part One! The good people at HBO reached out to us to help spread the word on the 2020 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction ceremony taking place November 7th on HBO Max. Inductees this year include Nine Inch Nails, The Doobie Brothers, and T-Rex among others. With that said, we decided why not give OUR take on who we would have picked among those eligible over the years. Our Rock & Roll Hall of Fame This week we're tackling the inductee list from 1986 through 1999. In...

Rock Mag '87 - Ep428 show art Rock Mag '87 - Ep428

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We return this week with a blast from the past with Rock Mag '87. In the 80's, one of the only sources of rock news and information were magazines. Rock magazine titans of the 80's included Metal Edge, Circus, and Hit Parader. In June of 1987, Hit Parader released their supersized anniversary issue. Featuring Ozzy Osbourne and Randy Rhoads on the cover, this giant issue is a great time capsule of a magical time in rock and metal music. In this episode, we scan through the magazine and share our thoughts on several of the stories. Some of the news items, rumors, and letters to the editor are...

KISS and Philosophy - Ep427 show art KISS and Philosophy - Ep427

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We're getting cerebral this week while talking about the hottest band in the land as we chat with the authors of KISS and Philosophy; a book that seeks to enlighten you in a rock and roll way. On the surface, you'd probably think that KISS songs are simply about groupies and having fun. To a point, you'd be right. However, as this book seeks to prove, there are a lot of poignant statements made throughout KISS' lyrical history. Editor Court Lewis and contributor Matt Alschbach (along with others) provide an interesting case study in the ways that KISS' music parallels philosophy by Socrates,...

Remembering EVH - Ep426 show art Remembering EVH - Ep426

Decibel Geek Podcast

With the sad news this week of a legends passing, this week we are Remembering EVH. Eddie Van Halen passed away from cancer this week at age 65. The news shook the world impacted us personally. To help process this information, we decided to go live on Youtube and Facebook. It was a cathartic chat between ourselves and several guests that joined us. Additionally, a large number of viewers shared their thoughts in the comments; many of which we reacted to. Guests that joined us for this live tribute included Bakko from Cobras and Fire Podcast, JTB from JTB's Groovy Record Room, Ian Wadley,...

Conversation with Phil Shouse - Ep425 show art Conversation with Phil Shouse - Ep425

Decibel Geek Podcast

This week we welcome back one of our favorite people to the show as we have a Conversation with Phil Shouse! As many know, Phil is one of the founders of here in Nashville. You also probably know that he's a member of both the Band and the Band. You may even know that Phil recently became a member of . What you might not know is that Phil has entered the world of podcasting/content creation! recently launched on Youtube and is a welcome addition to our community. In this episode Phil gives us his thoughts on appearing on the new Ace Frehley album Origins Vol. 2 from . The members of Ace's...

New Noize 11 - Ep424 show art New Noize 11 - Ep424

Decibel Geek Podcast

This week we're joined by special guest Ian Wadley to talk all the rock news that's fit to spit with New Noize 11! This is a mega-long, alcohol-fueled deep dive into a ton of rock and metal news so strap in! In this edition, we'll discuss news stories such as a possile new AC/DC album, the new Ace Frehley album Origins Vol.2, the recent death of Lee Kerslake, and tons more! Ian also shares some news about the status of the podcast. Other topics include Every Mother's Nightmare, Blue Oyster Cult, Marilyn Manson, Sammy Hagar, Tommy Lee, Sevendust, Smashing Pumpkins, Accept, Alice Cooper, L.A....

Reverse Beat the Geek Week - Ep423 show art Reverse Beat the Geek Week - Ep423

Decibel Geek Podcast

We're back again to tease your brain and test your metal with Reverse Beat the Geek Week! Reverse? Well, this time we're switching it up as Chris Czynszak hosts the festivities this time as three DBG VIPs from Patreon take on Aaron Camaro in the only game show that goes to eleven! Will Aaron claim the new crown? Will the contestants beat our favorite Wisconsin metalhead? Will Chris have any idea how to come up with decent questions? You'll have to listen to find out! Want to be a contestant on a future Beat the Geek episode? To be eligible, all you have to do is become a DBG VIP on Patreon for...

Conversation with Mike Fraser - Ep422 show art Conversation with Mike Fraser - Ep422

Decibel Geek Podcast

This week we bring you our in-depth chat with producer & engineer Mike Fraser. Mike's credit list is a Who's Who of rock and metal music. In this conversation, we talk to Mike about many of his notable projects. Getting his start at the legendary Little Mountain Studios in Vancouver in the early 80's, Mike Fraser was in good company right away; working with such production greats as Bob Rock and Bruce Fairbairn among many others. From his early days working on projects such as Rush's Exit...Stage Left, Brian Adams' Reckless, and Loverboy's Notorious, Mike got his feet wet quickly on...

Brush with Greatness - Ep421 show art Brush with Greatness - Ep421

Decibel Geek Podcast

We try out something new as some of friends share their stories of a Brush with Greatness! In today's world of pre-planned, prepaid meet and greets, it's hard to find very many memorable stories of encounters with artists. This new series endeavors to talk to friends of ours that had genuine encounters (good and bad) with the artists. Joining us first today is voiceover artist and radio deejay Jeff Cecil. Jeff goes way back with Aaron Camaro to his radio days in the 90's. In this talk, Jeff and Aaron reflect on the old days and talk about run-ins with William Duvall of Alice in Chains, Ivan...

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In the 4+ years Aaron and Chris have been doing this podcast, they never expected to meet today's guest. We're thrilled to share this talk with you.

Desmond Child
Episode 195

Legendary songwriter/producer Desmond Child welcomes Chris and Aaron into his studio for an in-depth discussion about his life in music. In this hour-plus talk, Desmond looks back on his early days as a performer in the NY-based disco group Desmond Child and Rouge. This band was a favorite of KISS singer/guitarist Paul Stanley, who used to frequent the band's live shows. A friendship was struck as well as gold when the two collaborated on 'I Was Made for Lovin' You', a Top 10 smash that spanned the globe. Desmond's career in writing/producing took off from there.

In this conversation, Desmond shares his memories of working with some hard rock and metal legends. From his time working with Stanley and KISS on albums such as Animalize, Asylum, Crazy Nights, and Hot in the Shade, Desmond shares his memories of Paul Stanley's songwriting process as well as a strained relationship with Gene Simmons over some words said in an interview during the buildup to 1992's 'Revenge' album.

Desmond Child helped propel Bon Jovi to superstardom due to his collaboration with band on songs such as 'Livin' on a Prayer' and 'You Give Love a Bad Name' from 1986's Slippery When Wet album. In this discussion, Desmond sets the scene of a trip to a suburban New Jersey home and the process in which two of the biggest anthems in rock history were born. The songs carry a very personal meaning to Desmond and he explains how the stories in these songs related to his real life.

Also notable in the hard rock world is Desmond Child's work with Boston rockers Aerosmith. Once again, his contributions would make a massive difference in a band's career; this time in the resurrection of a band that had been long-thought finished. Desmond's contributions in the form  of, most notably, '(Dude) Looks Like a Lady' and 'Angel' would help 1987's Permanent Vacation album go on to sell over 5 million copies in the US alone. His collaboration with Aerosmith has lasted ever since with the writing partnership being evident on subsequent albums such as Pump, Get a Grip, Nine Lives, and Music from Another Dimension.

During this in-depth talk, Desmond shares his passion in protecting music creator's rights and his thoughts on the decline of sales in music and how this trend is negatively affecting the industry and its impact on future generations of musicians. In this discussion, he shares information about the Songwriters Equity Act and the Fair Trade Music Initiative, a wholly independent advocacy network for music creators. Its goal is the championing of a set of Fair Trade Music Principles designed to ensure transparency, fair compensation, and autonomy for music creators in an increasingly complex and non-transparent music business landscape. More information on the Songwriters Equity Act can be found HERE. More information on the Fair Trade Music Initiative is available HERE.

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