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WEBINAR: Finding Design Clients with Jake Jorgovan

Clients From Hell Podcast

Release Date: 07/07/2015

Sponsor: Web Designer News

UPDATE: Shortly after our discussion, Jake launched Outbound Creative, a service that offers to do the work discussed in this webinar for you. 

Jake Jorgovan – blogger, designer, marketing expert, and the host of the Working Without Pants podcast – joins Bryce Bladon for a webinar to discuss how he finds new clients and project leads as a designer.

His technique, dubbed Cold Emailing, isn’t an easy “get rich quick” scheme, but it did net him $20k his first year of using it. And those are sales just from this– it’s not including Jake’s other work and referrals.

“How do I find clients?”

Experienced or new, full-time or free-time, this is simple and actionable advice for anyone, at any stage of their career.  

Helpful Links

How Jake used stalking to land Fortune 500 clients

How Jake generated $12,030 with cold e-mailing

How Jake’s case studies turn prospects into paying clients

Extra Credit and Useful Materials We Discussed

Streak – The CRM system Jake (and now Bryce) uses inside Gmail

Rapportive – Learn everything about your Gmail contacts via their LinkedIn profiles

Yesware – The email tracking and analytics tool that Jake uses

In the webianr, Jake mentions a trick he used to find a potential client’s contact information. Here’s a YouTube video explaining the process.