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Nashville Rewind: Season 1 Episode 5

Nashville Rewind

Release Date: 08/09/2015

Join us as Joe and Allison discuss "Moving on Over" .  In this episode, Juliette stays up all night at the studio just to get away from her mother. Rayna says no to a greatest hits record again.  Jolene is passed out in her underwear and she doesnt care about the throng of neighbors watcher her and Juliette argue.  Deacon won't sign off on a song for a commercial. Teddy comes clean to Lamar about "borrowing" funds from the bank. Scarlett and Gunnar get a chance to sing for Lady Antebellum's producer but Avery is a show off on guitar.  Teddy and Coleman debate the baseball stadium and things get ugly. Lamar meets with Peggy and tells her to be quiet and relax. Deacon talks Jolene into rehab. Juliette moves.  Teddy and Peggy get their picture taken.

Featured music: Yelling from the Rooftops, Loving You Is The Only Way To Fly, Sideshow, and Buried Under