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157 CHANDRA BOZELKO: "Real-Life Prison Diaries"

BOLD | Inspiring interviews with provocative people| Hosted by Emmy winner LeGrande Green

Release Date: 08/10/2015

Orange is the New Black is not just a TV show to Chandra Bozelko, a privileged white girl who went from Princeton to prison when she was sentenced to five years for larceny, forgery and identity theft. Released in 2014, her riveting journey back has been catapulted readers of her blogs at www.prison-diaries.com.




Chandra’s startling articles about incarceration have captured international attention, especially her Guardian expose “Prisons That Withhold Menstrual Pads Humiliate Women.”  She says stains on clothes seep into self-esteem and reinforce powerlessness among female inmates. “This is a moment. People are finally beginning to care about what really happens behind bars.” She is also the author of Up the River: An Anthology.




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