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Season 1 Episode 6

Nashville Rewind

Release Date: 08/18/2015

We discuss "You're gonna change or I'm gonna leave" in this episode.  

Juliette continues to rebuild her image and decides to do a public appearance for a charity event at the zoo. She meets Sean Butler a rookie QB(and a marsupial).  Things go swell until her date punches a photographer. Juliette bribes the photographer to keep things quiet. Possible romance?

Rayna meets Daario from Game of Thrones.  Actually his name is Liam and he is a hot producer.  He doesn't want to help Rayna with her music but eventually is talked into it. He records a drunk Rayna and the song is awesome.  She even gets the head of the record label to like it. Unfortunately, he doesnt want Rayna to work with Liam.  Rayna tells him my way or the highway.

Avery meets a manager who is interested in more than managing Avery. He manages to think of Scarlet and stops his make out session with the middle age momma. Unfortunately, he is accused of putting his career ahead of his girlfriend and gets grief for doing the right thing.  Might as well at this point.........

Lamar gets the police to do a "routine" traffic stop om Coleman. It turns into everything but routine when the cops bust Coleman for the pills he took from Deacon last week.  Lamar has dirt on Teddy and now wonders if he should use it.

Music: Kiss by Avery Barkley.