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Episode 330 - Letting your kids go by themselves into the outdoors, Negativity hurts all of us, How to choose the right fletchings for your arrow, Ohio bass tournament update

Up North Journal Podcast

Release Date: 09/21/2015

What is it like to watch your kids venture into the outdoors by themselves for the first time?

  • Mike explains his experience last week
  • Compares to the fathers that were interviewed two weeks ago
  • Red gives his take on his daughters

 Negativity hurts all of us hunters and outdoorsmen

  • Tresspassing
  • Breaking game laws
  • Statements used by the anti hunters
  • Local story of raccoon being killed that went viral

Q & A with Bobby Vargas of PSE Archery Marketing

  • How to choose the proper fletching or vane for your arrow
  • Fixed blade application vs Mechanical blade application
  • Three vanes vs Four vanes

Ohio Bass Tournament updates

  • UNJ Team member Mara Daugherty and her boyfriend Cody Dawson take first place in local bass tournament last weekend
  • They didn't do so well this weekend
  • Looking forward to Ohio's archery season opener this coming week!