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Spitting Out The Bones with Genpo Roshi

Vajra Body Vajra Mind

Release Date: 10/07/2015

Genpo Roshi joins us again to share his current reflects and practice. He shares with us a koan about once your inner self is free, then we can really start to make peace in our most personal relationships.

We also discuss:

  • Going from the "Drama Triangle" to the Dharma Triangle".
  • Review the 4 causes of suffering
  • What is a mature Bodhisattva
  • Learn to empower our powerlessness
  • Once we surrender there is no contracted self left and we become one with the cosmos
  • Finding the part of our self that is truly innocent
  • Other power and self power
  • How the voice of the "Way Seeking Mind" and the "Big Mind" relate to the triangle
  • Feeling stuck after "arriving"
  • Living in the absolute, we lose empathy
  • The stink of spiritual practice
  • How Roshi found his deepest sitting
  • Learing to find pleasure in life and practice.

Find out more about Genpo Roshi at bigmind.org