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#13 Season 4 Episode 5

Nashville Rewind

Release Date: 10/24/2015

Stop the World and Let me off is the title of this episode of NASHVILLE.  Juliette wakes up to a new-well- Juliette.  She immediately stops partying and tries to concentrate on repairing the relationship with her family.  Avery, on the other hand is not so sure and wants to immerse himself in his new job producing Markus Keen.  Markus, on the other hand, just wants to act like the alt-rock god he is.  Deacon and Scarlett go to Natchez, MS (not together) to clean out Beverly's apartment.  Things are still quite tense as Deacon is still an A-hole about Scarlett having to pull the plug on her Mom.  Will and Kevin take a trip to Luke's show in the ATL in hopes Luke will sing and record their co-written effort. Gunnar hitches a ride in order to get his physical love life in order. (he has no game).  Layla meets with Rayna about her new songs and realizes that she should use her toxic relationship with Jeff to write some good country music.

Maddie travels to the ATL with Colt. Will there be "alone" time?  Naturally she seeks the best role model on the show (Juliette) for advise.  Juliette wants to help by calling Maddie on the stage to sing her biggest hit. Luke is not happy that he will have to explain to Rayna why her little girl is on stage in a not so much age appropriate dress.

The song is a success and Maddie promptly celebrates with Colt on an empty tour bus. Paradise by the dashboard lights?

In other news, Jeff wants to be CEO of Wheelin' Dealin' Records, Avery gets fired, Rayna sets the rules, Gunnar gets laid, Juliette's BFF gets fired, Will is not happy he is not on stage, Deacon and Scarlett make up, and Avery wants a divorce with full custody of Cadence--whew!

Featured Music:

Telescope---Maddie & Juliette

Spinning Revolver-----Luke Wheeler

Can't Stop a Heart---Layla & Rayna