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Episode 2.75: Official Endorsements

The Hunker Downcast

Release Date: 11/06/2015

Yet another “Freebird rules” episode while Alli is away conducting serious international diplomacy.   This week we power through a bit about the Governor’s race.  What did Jay Dardenne get for endorsing JBE? Inspired, Varg goes ahead and endorses several politicians in hopes of one day receiving favors. Meanwhile, we try out our Kaare Johnson impressions for some reason.

In sports, are the Saints forked? Is Basketball Season already over? Does anybody remember Lynell Hamilton?  Defensive coordinators are the nation’s clowns.  Brad Wing has done things. The Tennesee Titans may or may not be like David Vitter in certain ways. Also Kai Forbath kind of looks like this one guy.


Varg promises to write a poem called “Redemption of Snead”

Finally, Twitter changed a thing and a bunch of people freaked out about that.  This leads to an extended esoteric discussion of what the internet is even for.  (Either it’s about reading the news or it’s about learning who pooped.)  We wisely refrain from reading tweets on the air.

Next week, we’re pretty sure Alli will be back. Thanks for Hunkering.