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Jewish Journalist and German-Born Cop's Stumbling Stone Journey

Journeys of Discovery with Tom Wilmer

Release Date: 11/11/2015

Julie Freestone and Rudi Raab have a remarkable story to tell — one full of mystery, chance, and courage. Julie was a Jewish journalist, and Rudi was a German-born cop and the son of a high-ranking Nazi official; yet they joined forces. And that was just the beginning of a series of unlikely events that reveal a startling story about a German who refused to go along with the Nazis during World War II. Please join Correspondent and Associate Producer, Laurie McAndish King who spoke with Rudi and Julie at their home in Richmond, California. Listen in as they discuss the couple's new book, Stumbling Stone, which tells the slightly fictionalized story their of meeting, overcoming prejudices against each other, and falling in love. The two traveled together to Germany to answer questions about what happened to Germans like Rudi and his family when the Occupation forces came — and they uncovered some surprising answers. Rudi and Julie also tell us about a shocking incident they witnessed in present-day Germany. 

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