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#15 Season 4 Episode 7

Nashville Rewind

Release Date: 11/16/2015

We discuss 'Can't Get Used to Losing You'.  In The aftermath of Jeff Fordham's death, We see a Juliette that has absolutely no idea she danced on a ledge and caused Jeff to fall.  The police are involved and Luke quickly learns the truth from his son Colt who saw the whole thing (after finishing a bottle of booze).  Luke figures he needs to protect his son as well as his Lifestyle brand and wont say anything until he learns more.  Meanwhile, Deacon shows Rayna his new bar (Because all drunks have to have one).  She is lukewarm at best at this idea. Scarlet makes a decision to tour after cutting her hair.  The Exes need a sound engineer but will it be Erin?  Avery and Will bond over their losses. Juliette finally remembers and Luke gets her in rehab with Gabrielle's help.  A heartbroken Layla gives a stunning tribute to Jeff after Juliette doesn't.



Holding On to What I Can't Hold On to----Frankie Gray

Like New-----Deacon

Too Far From You-----------Layla