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25: What Is Childhood Emotional Neglect?

Therapy Chat

Release Date: 03/25/2016

Welcome! My guest today is Dr. Jonice Webb, a clinical psychologist and blogger for Psych Central. She’s the author of the book, Running on Empty: Overcome Your Childhood Emotional Neglect. We’ll delve into this topic and its impact in our society today. Join us!

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • The definition of Childhood Emotional Neglect: a parent’s failure to respond enough to the child’s emotional needs
  • This condition is different from physical neglect and abuse.
  • In her private practice, Dr. Jonice kept seeing patients with the same patterns.
  • She has identified 12 different types of parenting styles that lead to Childhood Emotional Neglect.
  • Children of CEN end up treating their children with the same patterns of behaviors, and no one really knows what’s wrong.
  • Dr. Jonice has developed a questionnaire, designed for adults, to determine if you’ve been affected by this condition.
  • Her book gives examples of what happens to a child with real-life vignettes.
  • How to heal from CEN?
    • Fully recognize and accept that CEN happened.
    • Welcome back and get in touch with walled-off emotions.
  • Dr. Webb wants to put together training for CEU’s for therapists who want to work on this specialty, but first, she wants to complete a research project to compile results.
  • She is working on making a page on her website listing mental health providers who can work with people on CEN.
  • Contact Dr. Webb at www.emotionalneglect.com or email her at jwebbphd@rcn.com. Sign up for her newsletter on her website and check out her blog at Psych Central!