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191 PAM HORTON & TOM YOUNG: "A Voice for Lil Olive"

BOLD | Inspiring interviews with provocative people| Hosted by Emmy winner LeGrande Green

Release Date: 03/17/2016

Meet Lil Oiive, the scrappy puppy mill survivor who sparked a movement. Documented with heartwarming video, her rescue and nurturing by Pam Horton is the subject of A Voice for Lil Olive. “She spent over 13 years locked up and abused, her frail body broken in so many ways,” says Pam. “But not her heart. Never her heart.”


The documentary explores the special bond between pets and their families, and how rescued dogs change lives. The film’s mission is to make people aware of and to change attitudes about rescued pets through the telling of Lil Olive’s tale. The film’s website is www.avoiceforlilolive.com. You can join Lil Olive’s supporters (over 40K strong!) at www.facebook.com/lilolive13.


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