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Episode 11: WWOZier Than Thou

The Hunker Downcast

Release Date: 03/19/2016

Welcome to Episode 11. Please tell us about our levels. Engineer Pat worked hard on them. We think Alli’s singing really benefits.

Segment 1

Is the drummer the “loser position” of a band? It apparently is when Jim Letten does it. The weather service controls everyone’s phone. New Orleans is under attack by Jade Helm.

It’s Super Tuesday Three (Make Tuesday Super Again) Results are coming in as we record so we try to keep up a bit. John Kasich really hates The Roots. Also he looks a lot like character actor JT Walsh.

The legislative special session failed to fix the budget. We talk a little about how and why that happened. It happened because the House Republicans are toddlers and it’s never good when toddlers show up in the news.

Segment 2

Daylight savings inspired discussion about technological obsolescence. Impromptu film review of The New Kids (1985) starring James Spader. Saints free agency is happening and Alli still hates every Stanford player. She makes the case for drafting Jaylon Smith despite his injuries.  Drew Brees will endorse anything no matter how sketchy. The scam reminds us of a charter school naming exercise that happened on Twitter this week. Anyway, it’s possible that every quarterback is actually a terrible person.  Mark Sanchez is the new Jeff Garcia.

WWOZ is in some sort of turmoil. We take the opportunity to discuss whether or not WTIX is actually more “authentic” than the Nolier-Than-Thou OZ these days.

Segment 3

Twitter questions: 1) New Orleans James Beard Award finalists. We endorse Isaac Toups. 2) Why is Jeff so smug? 3) OPSB funding plans 4) Airbnb regulations

That’s Entertainment (Perhaps re-named “Still Steppin Out”): Jeff went to the Irish Channel Parade. Lance ate at Taqueria Del Fuego, saw Tom Hook and Wendell Brunious at Dos Jefes and then saw Meschiya Lake show at Chickie Wah Wah. Alli did the Lafitte Greenway hike, volunteered for the Once In A Brew Moon event at City Park, went to an International Women’s Day brunch, built a raised bed garden, and learned how to drive a stick.

The Jivewire brought to you by Magnolia Builders LLC:  Be sure and listen for the part where Jeff almost forgets about and then utterly fails to deliver his own stupid  joke for this week

Thanks again for listening