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40: The Middle Passage - Who's Driving the Bus?

Therapy Chat

Release Date: 07/08/2016

Welcome back to Therapy Chat! In episode 40, host Laura Reagan, LCSW-C interviews a fascinating guest. Lourdes Viado, PhD is a psychotherapist in private practice in Las Vegas who is also the host of a new podcast called Women In-Depth. Lourdes explains depth psychology and concepts of Jungian psychology such as the Shadow (if you find that interesting go back and listen to episode 39 too, with Renee Beck). She describes her works with clients in the "Middle Passage" who are feeling out of alignment with themselves. She shares some strategies she uses, including poetry, metaphor and dreamwork, which help her clients find their own way back to themselves while navigating this intense transition. After you listen to this episode be sure to visit Lourdes's website www.lourdesviado.com and check out her new podcast, Women In-Depth.  You'll also find information about working with her in therapy and all of her offerings and contact information. Thanks for listening to Therapy Chat and as always, you can find the latest episodes at www.therapychatpodcast.com. Until next time, thanks!