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Being Single in Recovery - Recovered 728

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Release Date: 08/08/2016

I would like to hear you guys talk about Single people & addiction - I'm not single any more, but I was for my first three months of sobriety and that too was terrifying.
Single life is more social and alcohol-fuelled, and I found that there can be loneliness and isolation -

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What are some of the challenges/pressures with being single in recovery?
What are some of the benefits of being single in recovery?

How can a sponsor help for the person who is single and in recovery?
What should a single person look for in a sponsor?

What is 13th stepping?
What are the Barriers for the single person to have fun in recovery?

What about the suggestion to no relationship during the first year?

What are your experiences with dating people in program?
What are your experiences with dating people outside the program?
What are your experiences with dating people who should be in the program?

What is codependency and what does that mean to the single person?
How do you get to know yourself and what your interests are? How does being single help?

Does being single in recovery help focusing on recovery? Why is this important?

How does being single affect relationships with other people of your own sex?

How does being single affect your free time?

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