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1. Concerning Podcasts - Prologue 0.1

Green Dragon Live

Release Date: 10/30/2016

Welcome to the Green Dragon!

Grab yourself a half-pint, and pull up a chair for this, the first episode of the Green Dragon Live podcast! We are the Nicks, and we're happy you have joined us.

This episode primarily deals with why are we here, but the rest of our prologue series will be a primer to the world of Middle-earth leading into a chapter-by-chapter reflection and discussion of The Lord of The Rings.

So, grab your copy, and pour another half-pint, and join us! We invite newcomers to Middle-earth as well as veteran adventurers!

Notes from the Episode

A map of Middle-earth we like.

A map of the Shire from the books

A map of the Shire highlighting Hobbiton and Bywater

Nick Andrew's edition

Nicholas Jon's edition

Nicholas Jon's dream edition It used to be $100, now it's much less expensive.




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