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TPCCafe I Had To Think About Big A$$

The Pop Culture Cafe

Release Date: 11/02/2016

TPCCafe I Had To Think About Big A$$


Welcome back boys and girls or what every you call yourself. The time around Scott and I run down a monkey. No wait no monkey was hurt in the recording of this podcast.


Scott and I talk about Marvel Netflix shows showing up in Infinity Wars, Valiant working hard to get a Harbinger movie out. What director would be a good replacement for the next Deadpool film. No George Lucas not being involved in the next Indiana Jones movie. Jessica Jones hiring all female directors for season two. The Parents Television council not happy with The Walking Dead. Scott talkes about two movies, Independence Day and Tarzan. Also Scott and I talk about the RiRi Williams cover done by J Scott Campbell. DC kicking Marvels in sales. Plus so much more news that it will give your the runs.


Also a rare appearance by the owner of Comic Fever


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