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Growing Your Practice Using Email

Russ and Randy Podcast | Healthcare's Prescription for Web & Social

Release Date: 12/01/2016

Want to Use LinkedIn Successfully? show art Want to Use LinkedIn Successfully?

Russ and Randy Podcast | Healthcare's Prescription for Web & Social

LinkedIn is the preferred professional social media platform. This episode covers the basic information everyone should include in their LinkedIn profile.

Two Factor Authentication | 2FA show art Two Factor Authentication | 2FA

Russ and Randy Podcast | Healthcare's Prescription for Web & Social

Two factor authentication (2FA) is not a marketing tool and won't get your website ranked, but it will keep your website safe from intruders and your other digital accounts safe as well. 2FA involves the user to have or know 2 of 3 unique identifiers that only the user can know, they are: something you know, something you have and something you are. Two factor authentication requires a second piece of information to insure your identity.

The 3Rs of Understanding SEO show art The 3Rs of Understanding SEO

Russ and Randy Podcast | Healthcare's Prescription for Web & Social

Relevant, refreshed and regular are the 3 Rs of SEO. These 3 concepts will give you a better understanding of what sites get ranked well and why. In addition, you'll understand SEO even better looking through the lens of the consumer, aka web serfer, aka your next patient. Websites that pay attention to the "3Rs" get higher rankings of their webpages.

Optmizing Video on Youtube show art Optmizing Video on Youtube

Russ and Randy Podcast | Healthcare's Prescription for Web & Social

In this episode we explain the process of SEO for your YouTube videos. Optimizing videos requires attention in 5 different fields of the "information and settings" tab of your video. Though optimization really relates to anything to improve views of the video, we are restricting this episode to optimizing your video through: 1) File Name 2) Title of Video 3) Description 4) Thumbnail and 5) Tags. Optimization will help increase the total number of views of your videos by getting your videos to rank well.

Get Your YouTube Videos to Rank show art Get Your YouTube Videos to Rank

Russ and Randy Podcast | Healthcare's Prescription for Web & Social

Getting your YouTube videos to rank well takes a little more ingenuity  than getting your webpages to rank on the other search engines using traditional SEO approaches.  Video is difficult to index, whereas text articles on your web site are easiest, but it can be done.  The secret is to do everything you can do to increase your views...and here's how and why.  

Are You Providing Value?  Ask These Questions show art Are You Providing Value? Ask These Questions

Russ and Randy Podcast | Healthcare's Prescription for Web & Social

Whatever content you are publishing on your website or social media, is it valuable? 

Happy New Year 2019  show art Happy New Year 2019

Russ and Randy Podcast | Healthcare's Prescription for Web & Social

Let's start off the new year with some realistic ground rules for your digital marketing plans.  Whatever you plan, make your goals achievable (realistic), enjoyable and with clear cut goals.  Marketing in healthcare is tough enough, why be hard on yourself.  We'll cover 10 easy to implement suggestions in this episode, too.

Improve Your Website without Adding New Content show art Improve Your Website without Adding New Content

Russ and Randy Podcast | Healthcare's Prescription for Web & Social

This episode discusses simple ways to improve your website by making it more engaging and current...but without the labor of creating new, refreshed content.  Though the best "fix" for any website is the routine injection of fresh content, many website owners aren't able maintain this level of publishing.  What's next?  We discuss several "quicker fixes" to make improvements to your website.  

Best of Russ and Randy show art Best of Russ and Randy

Russ and Randy Podcast | Healthcare's Prescription for Web & Social

This is our 100th episode.  We ask each other "What are your favorite episodes?"  We reflect about the messages we hope we are sending to you and talk about our favorite topics and themes.  We also talk about what the most popular topics you, our listeners, have enjoyed.  We thank you for hanging in there for our weekly (almost) "Tips in 10."  See you next week.  BTW - Let us know your personal favorites!

Does Your Website Educate? show art Does Your Website Educate?

Russ and Randy Podcast | Healthcare's Prescription for Web & Social

Russ and I are often asked "What do I post on my website"?  It's simple, your content should be educational.  Your content should teach your patients whether it's on a website, YouTube, or social media platform such as Facebook.  Educational content does more than just each your patient, too.  Use this same content to boost website rankings, improve your brand as an authority and improve clinic flow and approval ratings.  

More Episodes

In this edition, you'll learn why we encourage you to email your patients regularly.

Collecting email addresses in order to stay engaged with your patients and attract others is one of the most powerful ways to grow your practice.

Everyone needs to be collecting email addresses.  Website or not, you should collect addresses now.

Email addresses are an easy way for you to keep in contact with your patients and those prospective patients who have expressed an interest in you and your website.

Engage Your Patients

Patients and your followers appreciate learning more about your practice and their health.  Your periodic email newsletters can keep your audience up-to-date about;

1.  Practice news;  new hires, birthdays, etc.
2.  New Associates
3.  New diagnostic tests or treatments available
4.  New office technology such as an EMR system
5.  Health information - educational articles provide value
6.  Increase your brand

Your existing patients, those with whom you already have a relationship, will become bigger ambassadors of your practice.  This is the first step to creating a stronger relationship with potential patients who might soon convert to patients and join your practice.

Two Ways to Collect Addresses

Manually collect email addresses in the office.  You may ask for addresses when new patients arrive and/or as part of your check-out process.

Set up an email subscription box on your website to collect addresses from visitors to your website. 

Remember to Ask Permission

The Internet is sensitive about spam. 

In the office or on your new patient forms, it's as easy as asking "Would you like to receive our newsletter?"

On your website, the subscription opt-in form will automatically send an confirmation email to your brand new contact.  This "opt-in" verification will be handled by the email service provider (ESP) which manages your subscribers.  Examples include Mailchimp.com and aWeber.com

Start the Engagement

As you collect email addresses, start to publish a newsletter regularly.  Frequency can range from weekly to monthly or more. 

If you don't have a website, you'll need to create an email newsletter to send to your subscribers.  If you do have a website, published articles can automatically generate these regular emails - it becomes an automated process. 

What's Next?

Now that you have started your email collection process...you'll be ready for the next episode on "value-offers" and "lead-magnets."

See you next week!



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