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12. B1:C2 - Shadows of the Past - Part 1: Frodo - [LoTR Read Along]

Green Dragon Live

Release Date: 12/19/2016

The Nicks find out which hobbit they are most like, and discuss Chapter 2 from Frodo's perspective. Who is more scared, Gandalf who knows better, Frodo who doesn't understand but is holding the Ring, or Sam who doesn't understand and is mostly afraid of Gandalf?


Map of Middle-earth 

LoTRproject.com interactive map - Caution: spoilers for new readers!

Notes for this episode

What Happened Last Time?:
Bilbo and Frodo shared a birthday! Frodo came of age for a hobbit (33), and Bilbo turned a whopping eleventy-one years old. During his speech, Bilbo said farewell, slipping on his magic ring and VANISHED! Gandalf followed him back up to Bag End, they had a bit of a tiff over the ring and how Bilbo was acting very strangely. Ultimately, Bilbo let the ring go, leaving it to his nephew Frodo, and set out for a final “adventure”. After a short but odd conversation with Gandalf the next morning, Frodo was left alone in Bag End to tie up his uncle's affairs.

Where Are We in the Narrative?:
Chapter 2 carries us through the next few years after Bilbo leaves. We go from 3001 to 3018 TA, Frodo is turning 50, and life in the Shire changes almost as little as Frodo does. The Hobbits are noticing that the big folk and foreigners are on the move to places that the Hobbits only suspect (they’ve never actually been there).

What hobbit are you most like - take the quiz along with the Nicks





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