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#34 Season 5 Episode 4

Nashville Rewind

Release Date: 01/25/2017


Juliette gets impatient with therapy.  Rayna and Bucky look for a music video director. Kevin finds an apartment he wants Will to look at.  Zach Welles comes to town and makes an offer to partner with Highway 65.  Rayna gets a present from a "fan".   Juliette has a panic attack then goes to church.  Avery tells the truth about Juliette after she pushes him away trying to help.  Will gets tempted (again).  Deacon comes around on Zach.

Will finally comes clean about how he feels about his relationship with Kevin.  Highway 65 lawyers like Zach's offer--Rayna does too.  Obligatory montage.





All of Me----The Exes

Burn to Dark----Will Lexington