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Episode 29 Part 1: Sidney's Serenity Prayer

The Hunker Downcast

Release Date: 04/03/2017

This is the first part of a double feature we’re giving you this week.  We couldn’t all get together on the same day so Jeff recorded sessions with Lance and Alli separately.  This is from the  Thursday night session with Lance. He’s a tough but rewarding interview in much the way Mike Tyson is.

We kick things off with an inspirational  reading from Sidney Torres’s Facebook page. It yielded some good things. Sidney has had an interesting week.

Tom Benson has ripped off the city in a way you may not even have known about. Jason Berry’s latest story at American Zombie takes a look at that.   We discuss that and then catch up on news from the Saints’ offseason. Jeff has bad news about Manti T’eo. But Varg has what may be very good news about Manti T’eo.  Also Varg can’t say Manti T’eo.

Also, too, Varg can’t say meme.

We break down some of the mayoral candidates including Frank Scurlock, JP Morrell, Troy Carter, Leon Cannizzaro, and the possibility of Engineer Pat getting involved some day. The day after we recorded this, LaToya Cantrell made her candidacy official. Jeff and Alli get a chance to comment on this in Part 2.  

Also we learn about Varg’s crush on Stacy Head.

In other news, Varg is pumped for Wrestlemania but also a bit stressed about French Quarter Fest, Jazzfest, Fest Fest, and other sundry fests. We somehow manage to mention the Falcons blowing the Superbowl again.

We make sure to read through Sidney’s beautiful prose one more time before shutting it down.

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