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Episode 29 Part 2: Feed the (Free) Birds (Mike) Tu' Pence a bag

The Hunker Downcast

Release Date: 04/05/2017

So here is your bonus Freebird for this week. Jeff completes the Phil Collins at Live Aid stunt recording a show with Varg on Thursday night Uptown and then hopping on the Concorde to record Friday night in Mid City with Alli; who, like Varg,  is not his wife although they do order food together.

Speaking of which, Mike Pence is a weird mama jamma.  Alli doesn’t know Mary Poppins, apparently.  Pat participated in the Finn McCool’s St. Baldrick’s fundraiser. He went from looking like Sean Bean to looking like David Koechner in one day.    

The Saints added a Notre Dame guy. But they might add a Stanford guy so.. well...

Alli ranks her college football hate schools. Jeff tries to translate that into a worst case scenario Saints draft. Anyway, the NFL is bad.


Jeff talks about his experience at Square Root. This eventually leads to a quick rundown of “standard” New Orleans restaurants which may be over or underrated.  

Alli toured a replica Dutch clipper ship docked in the city for the week.

Speed Round:

LaToya Cantrell is running for mayor. We talk about the disconnect between issues people care about in New Orleans and issues the candidates seem to think people care about.

The mayor’s plans for Bourbon Street are coming more into focus. They are not encouraging.

And that’s it for this week. If you have tuppence to rub together be sure and invest it wisely.

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