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Sahara (Episode 51) - Hot Date with Dan and Vicky

Hot Date

Release Date: 05/19/2017

Humphrey Bogart, on loan from his home studio of Warner Brothers, would often show up to the set of Columbia's 1943's war film Sahara hung over and ready for battle -- both on and off camera.  He was known to mix it up with Hungarian director Zoltan Korda, continually fighting over his character's dialogue.  Bruce Bennett, who played Waco in the film, later told Korda that Bogart was using the conflicts as an opportunity to memorize his lines!  The stellar supporting cast includes Dan Duryea, Rex Ingram, Kurt Krueger, Oscar nominee J. Carol Naish and a tank named Lulubelle.

With Sahara, Dan and Vicky discuss their first war movie and their first movie starring Humphrey Bogart.  Their recently seen includes 1943's Heaven Can Wait, Lady in Cement, Three Days of the Condor, slasher film Lighthouse, the Keanu Reeves' starring 47 Ronin and Aussie shark thriller Bait.  Vicky's also catches us up on her TV viewing -- some Handmaid's Tale and lots and lots of Mystery Science Theatre 3000.

Hot Date 51 also touches on the musical Oklahoma, some World War II history and a young Vicky being scared away from the 1977 horror film The Sentinel.  

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