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Unmasking the True-Self: International Personal Trainer Lee Heywood

Soul Talk with Sahar

Release Date: 06/24/2017

Lee Heywood, international personal trainer, is the founder of Kaizen Fitness UK; one of the most dedicated trainers helping his clients unmask their true-self, raise their self-esteem and tune up their bodies effectively. Lee also provides tailor-made fitness videos to clients. For more information, connect with Lee Heywood via Instagram: kaizenfitness_uk.

In this podcast we discuss his passion for fitness, the inspiration behind Kaizen Fitness, why & how he combines art, dance, yoga and boxing in his clients' sessions. Lee's started in the military, but was always professional about fitness. He played football for ten years, boxing, and running as well as worked with all types of clients from children, to professional sportspeople including models and senior people. What is common among his clienteles' workout, is his heart-felt passion and motivation to bring a client up to their optimum level.

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