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S1E22: Lone Star Masonry (Special Guest: Robert Marshall)

Fort Worth 148 Masonic Podcast

Release Date: 07/13/2017

The funeral of Sam E.J. Levisee will be at 1:30 p.m. Friday in Greenwood Chapel, located at 3100 White Settlement Road, Fort Worth, TX, US, 76107. We will miss him dearly.

Please join Brothers Rhit Moore, Grant Gates, and Gabriel Jagush as they sit down with this week's special guest, Brother Robert Marshall, Past Master & sitting Secretary of Waco Lodge #92. Brother Robert is incredibly passionate about history and has a lot to bring to the table for Masonry in Texas. In this episode, we chat about being younger guys in a fraternity of older men, notable figures in the history of Waco #92, how we have to look at our past to understand our future, how a brother of Waco #92 got away with murdering one of the founders of the City of Fort Worth, how to preserve old documents, how and why to make meetings shorter, the party after Grand Lodge that so many people have talked about, and much, much more!

The Fort Worth Lodge #148 Podcast would also like to urge you to donate blood if you are medically able. Your time and precious gift, can and DOES save lives. Thanks!

Major Bookmarks:
00:00:00 - Obituary for Sam E.J. Levisee
00:02:19 - Eulogy for Sam (by Rhit Moore)
00:08:48 - Host & Guest Introductions
00:11:18 - Listener/Discussion Questions
00:11:57 - Discussion Question: Does your Lodge/building have any resident ghosts?
00:16:50 - Episode Content: Lone Star Masonry w/ Special Guest, Robert Marshall
02:06:26 - Robert's Closing Thoughts
02:07:10 - Fraternal Quote of the Week - Illustrious Brother Arturo de Hoyos
02:08:23 - Waco #92 Contact Info / Plugs

Minor Bookmarks:
00:22:00 - Being a younger guy in an older fraternity
00:26:32 - Notable figures in Waco #92
00:40:36 - Relating across generations
00:43:23 - Looking backwards to go forwards
00:50:26 - What motivates Robert
00:51:28 - Cool discoveries in the Waco #92 archives
01:00:04 - John Wayne and George Washington are overrated (It's not what you think, we swear)
01:09:36 - How a brother of Waco #92 got away with murdering one of the founders of the City of Fort Worth
01:22:01 - the importance of traveling
01:23:48 - How the archival process of old documents works
01:35:10 - Making meetings shorter
01:40:09 - The importance of being friends as well as brothers
01:59:51 - The Party at Grand Lodge, Round 2

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