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Ep 1: Welcome to Wild & Holy™ Radio, The Realest Conversation on Spirituality, Living Your Truth, and Creating a Life that Honors Your Soul

Wild & Holy® Radio: Grounded Wisdom for Life & Business

Release Date: 07/21/2017

It's a brand new conversation [and the realest conversation] on spirituality, living your truth, and creating a life that honors your soul! 

This episode is brought to you by Wild and Holy Weekend, an intimate TX retreat for women ready to be their fullest expression.  Join me this September for an unforgettable weekend to hear your own wisdom, take a courageous leap forward, and expand into your next evolution of self!  Find out more by visiting wildandholyweekend.com.  

It feels so good to be back from my 6 week hiatus after the final episode aired of my first podcast, The Enoughness Revolution.  To say I'm excited to get this new party started is a complete understatement.  

On Season 1, we're diving into the depths of spirituality, defining God, building faith, and healing wounds so we can expand into our fullest expression.  

I'm joined by some amazing guests including authors, speakers, inspirational thought leaders, and spiritual teachers as we tease apart the power of spirituality in our lives to become who we really are and pursue our holy work in the world.  

Tune in to learn more about what's new for Season 1 and make sure you've subscribed so you don't miss an episode!  

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