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Ep 3: Part I of III|Three Types of Spiritual Shifts Accompanying Expansion

Wild & Holy® Radio: Grounded Wisdom for Life & Business

Release Date: 07/25/2017

This episode is brought to you by Wild and Holy Weekend, an intimate TX retreat for women ready to be their fullest expression.  Join me this September for an unforgettable weekend to hear your own wisdom, take a courageous leap forward, and expand into your next evolution of self!  Find out more by visiting wildandholyweekend.com.  

Hey, hey, soul seeker!   I know if we're friends, we must have similar interests and passions.  You're probably not content living a purposeless life.  You want to experience more and feel more than the average human, but more so, you want to challenge yourself to expand into your potential, your impact, and your capacity for love, positivity, vulnerability, and faith.

Because of that, I wanted to talk about several phases of our journeys that allow us to do just that.  And more specifically, we're tapping into a phenomena that I witnessed at the most recent Wild & Holy Weekend.  The more I've thought about how we actually expand into a new version of ourselves, I've really been doing some reflecting on my own life as to when the three spiritual shifts I'm going to be sharing with you today have shown up for me.  After all, these three types of spiritual shifts most definitely have an order/sequence, but they definitely do NOT have any type of expiration date meaning we continue to go through these types of shifts as long as we're on our personal journey of self-exploration and spiritual growth.

Why did I feel so called to talk about this?  

As we were sitting in the river after our closing ceremony of Wild & Holy Weekend, one of my clients (and retreaters) mentioned to me that she wished she would have come to something like this when she was a bit earlier on in her spiritual journey.  Her reasoning?  She felt like it would have been even more impactful of showing her what's possible.  Instead of feeling this huge monumental internal shift, she felt as though no big, life altering change had really happened until I shared with her what I'm going to share with you!

After all, not all spiritual shifts have the same quality.  Some feel like huge waves of aha's that totally rock us to our core while others seem like such a gradual next step in our own personal evolution that they can indeed go by completely unnoticed if you're not careful.  And it's actually this last particular type of spiritual shift that is the MOST important.  It's the reason we work so hard to begin with.

So, on today's episode, I wanted to talk about these three types of spiritual shifts, the expansion they create for us, and why all three are equally important to our own personal growth and evolution.  You ready?


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