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Ep 6: Part III of III | Three Types of Spiritual Shifts Accompanying Expansion

Wild & Holy® Radio: Grounded Wisdom for Life & Business

Release Date: 08/14/2017

We've arrived!  In more ways than one and tuning into this episode, you'll soon find out why.

For the past few episodes, we've been diving into the spiritual work that accompanies expansion and before we dive into Part III today, let's talk about expansion in general.  Why do we do this work?

If expanding into our best selves were easy, there wouldn't be a need for spiritual development or personal development.  There wouldn't be a need for life coaches or therapists or personal trainers or any other type of professional that guides us through change.  As I mentioned in Part II, change is hard.  We cha-cha forward and cha-cha back.  And simply living through this limbo phase of change is challenging enough on it's own.  The contrast here is palpable.  We deeply feel the gap between who we want to become and the ways we are working on getting there, often times feeling as though we're coming up short.

This contrast becomes such a new normal for us that we gradually grow accustomed to this new level of conscious effort we put forth to become someone new.  It's so gradual that we often don't realize when this effort starts to taper off and we find ourselves in this new, new normal of simply being this new version of ourselves, which is why I want to take you back to where this series all began - sitting in the river after Wild & Holy Weekend....

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