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The Mist Recap Ep 8: Plus Top 5 Stephen King Casting Choices

Book Vs Movie Podcast

Release Date: 08/14/2017

Book Vs Movie: Book Vs Movie: "Urban Cowboy"

Book Vs Movie Podcast

The Margos are ready to rock out in cowboy boots after reading the Aaron Latham Esquire magazine article “The Ballad of the Urban Cowboy: America’s Search for True Grit” from 1978. He also wrote the “Perfect” article from Rolling Stone which became another John Travolta film. (Travolta is our movie lead here.)

Book Vs Movie Book Vs Movie "Like Water for Chocolate" (2020)

Book Vs Movie Podcast

The Margos are ready to talk about “magical realism” in Laura Esquivel’s 1989 novel (that later became the 1992 movie of the same name) Like Water for Chocolate. This may sound familiar to long time fans but we originally recorded this topic five years ago and the quality of that show--left much to be desired. 

Book Vs Movie Book Vs Movie "Gentleman Prefer Blondes"

Book Vs Movie Podcast

The Margos are heading back to the 50s (well, really the 20s if you want to be technical about it!) Gentleman Prefer Blondes was first published in 1925 by Anita Loos in Harper’s Bazaar magazine as a serial. The movie was directed by Howard Hawkes and stars Jane Russell as Dorothy and Marilyn Monroe as Lorelei.

Book Vs Movie Book Vs Movie "Saturday Night Fever"

Book Vs Movie Podcast

The Margos are suffering from a case of “Night Fever” and the only sure is taking a deep dive into one of the most successful films of the 1970s--Saturday Night Fever. The film was directed by John Badham and stars John Travolta in his first Academy-Award nominated performance as an actor. 

Book Vs Movie Book Vs Movie "Double Indemnity"

Book Vs Movie Podcast

We are heading back to the Film Noir well with writer James M. Cain and the classic novella & later movie Double Indemnity.  The Margos talk about the life of Mr. Cain (who also wrote Mildred Pierce) and find out the true story behind his fictional account of two lovers trying to get away with the perfect murder. 

Book Vs Movie Book Vs Movie "2001: A Space Odyssey"

Book Vs Movie Podcast

The Margos attempt to decipher one of the most lauded (and examined) films of the 20th century--2001: A Space Odyssey that is the combined effort of two geniuses--Arthur C. Clarke and Stanely Kubrick. The film released in 1968 and the 1951 short story (titled The Sentinel) have been a subject of thousands of thesis papers and movie nerd YouTube tutorials, but what does it all mean? 

Book Vs Movie Book Vs Movie "Tuck Everlasting"

Book Vs Movie Podcast

Who wants to live forever? Is it better to have an average lifespan filled with love or an eternity of new adventures? The 1975 children’s book Tuck Everlasting by Natalie Babbitt and features the Tuck family who drinks the spring water from rural Treegap and now lives a life that will never end. 

Book Vs Movie Book Vs Movie "The Warriors"

Book Vs Movie Podcast

The Margos are picking out our costumes for this special episode devoted to the cult classic The Warriors (yes, it was based on a book by Sol Yurick.) The movie, directed by Walter Hill, was a hit when it was released in 1979, but the glory of that was marred by real-life gang violence at the time which caused the movie studios to cease advertising the film.

Book Vs Movie Book Vs Movie "Matilda"

Book Vs Movie Podcast

The Margos tackle one of the most beloved children’s books of all time--Matilda by Roald Dahl. We have had so many requests over the years for this book & movie and it has certainly lived up to the hype!

Book Vs Movie Book Vs Movie "The Road to Perdition"

Book Vs Movie Podcast

The world of midwest Prohibition-era gangster life is the subject of this episode of Book Vs Movie with Road to Perdition--the 1998 graphic novel from Max Allan Collins and the 2000 film directed by Sam Mendes.  This returns the Margos to the graphic novel genre for the first time since Batman. We talk about the fantastic performances & cinematography here as well.

More Episodes

Book Vs. Movie Podcast

Stephen King Bonus Ep:“The Mist” Recap

Episode 8 “The Law of Nature”

Plus: Our “Top 5 Stephen King Casting Choices”

We are finally seeing the end of  Stephen King’s The Mist TV series and in this special bonus ep of the Book Vs. Movie podcast Margo D. and Deana of the Twisted Philly podcast offer their weekly recap of the Spike TV production plus, they choose their own “Top 5 Casting Choices in  a Stephen King Production.”

The podcast clip is at the bottom of this post but here are the basics of this week’s show:

Adrian’s House:

Kevin (Morgan Spector), Bryan/Jonah (Ozekie Morro) Mia (Danica Curcic) and Adrian (Russell Posner) are in the car and running out of gas. As luck would have it they are on Adrian’s block. He wants to check on his family and Mia & Bryan/Jonah want to look for gas.

Kevin wants to hide out in the car parked in the garage as this all seems like a bad idea to him.

Mia and Bryan/Joah have a hot encounter in the backseat of a car. (Kind of like Jack & Rose from Titanic except they are hiding out from The Mist and not an enraged Billy Zane.)

Adrian sees his awful father who casually tells his son that his mother is lying dead on the couch. Then he admits to his father that he was the one who raped Alex.

He shoots his father and then gets kin a tussle with Kevin who found the date rape drugs at the house. Adrian knocks him out and then heads to the car which now includes excommunicated from-the-mall Vic (Erik Knudsen) who somehow has escaped The Mist all of this time.

Adrian tells them Kevin is dead but IS HE????

The Mall:

Alex (Gus Birney) and Jay (Luke Cosgrove) are enjoying each other’s company  which is causing whispers at the  mall and making Alex’s mom Eve  (Alyssa Sutherland) really unhappy.  In fact, with a nod to Wendy putting Jack into the pantry in The Shining, Eve locks Jay up in a closet. (Because, that’s a sustainable plan!)

Meanwhile,  Gus (Isiah Whitlock, Jr.) is having a very hard time keeping law & order at the Mall. Shelley (Alexandra Ordorlis) finds out about his hidden stash of food. He "brains" her and then chokes her to death!

Being a class act, he blames this on Alex.

The Church:

Nathalie (Frances Conroy) and Connor the cop (Darren Pettie) have a deep discussion about his parenting abilities. He confesses that he believes his son is capable of raping Alex and blames his lack of being a good role model as the main issue.

Natalie thinks The Mist maybe just what the town needed to clear out all of the bad people and sets off to take everyone to the mall and check out what is happening there. 

What will their reception be like at the mall? We most likely will find out in episode 9!

Personally I am just looking forward to what Deana picks for the weekly Stephen King Top 5.

Topics covered :

  • How lucky they are to have Frances Conroy on this show!
  • The way sexual assault and mental illness are handled

Plus, Margo and Deana each pick their “Top 5 Stephen King Casting Choices”

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