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Drinking Partners #132 - Helicon Brewing

Drinking Partners

Release Date: 08/14/2017

The opening minutes in the latest Drinking Partners release features Day praising the wonders of bologna and guest host Jared Evans loving on Heaven Hill bourbon before introducing Helicon Brewing’s Chris Brunetti. Located in Oakdale and open since November, Helicon specializes in German lagers and seeks to create light and refreshing beer. The inspiration behind the Helicon name to how the brewery began highlight the interview with pauses for jokes and stories from the hosts. Toward the closing minutes, Mr. Brunetti explains how beer-tasting competitions work, which might be of particular interest for listeners. Epicast producer Buzzy Torek makes his first appearance on a Drinking Partners podcast, so be certain to tune in until the closing minutes. For more information about Helicon Brewing, find them at www.heliconbrewing.com.