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EP 039 Build the Lifestyle You Want — a 9-To-5 isn’t the Only Answer

Go Solo Live

Release Date: 08/25/2017

Amy embarked on her first solo trip when she was 28 years old. When she came back home nine months later, she was a different person with a new perspective on how she wanted to live her life. Never again did she want to go back to an office. So, she found creative ways to earn money while still retaining the freedom she had while she was traveling. Find out how she did it on this week’s episode!


Key Takeaways:

*Why is Amy in Mexico right now?

*How did Amy first get into solo travel?

*A lot of people accidentally end up in solo travel, but sometimes they cancel their trips completely if a friend or loved one bails out. Why do some people just go and why do others stay?

*When embarking on her first solo journey, what were some of the things Amy loved/learned about that trip?

*After nine months of traveling, how firm were Amy’s plans?

*What went into planning a trip like this?

*When Amy came home after nine months, what were some of her feelings about being back ‘home’?

*Amy actually met someone shortly before she embarked on her trip, but after a month of traveling solo, she cut the cord with him.

*When Amy came back, it was very clear she didn’t want to go back to an office.

*People are getting more and more creative on living their life on their terms, with the freedom that they want.

*What does Amy do at Nomadtopia?


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