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Words of Mass Disruption: Ep 108 Digital DNA in the C-Suite

Words of Mass Disruption

Release Date: 10/09/2017

This week I sit down with Will Clevenger to discuss the 4 lessons learned from our different conversations this last week with the C-Suite, and as he continues his blog series dedicated to Digital DNA in the C-Suite. The latest blog he talks to Michelle Brigman the global director of customer listening and engagement for Citi Group. We look back to were Toys R Us made a major decision 17 years ago that is still haunting them today. Also, are industry verticals real anymore or are the lines getting blurred more and more with every acquisition and merger?

This idea of digital DNA. What is that thing that certain people have that enables them to be successful in this world of transformation? Is this DNA an innate skill or learned through experience? How is natural ability or skill, experience and digital DNA linked and were are they different. Can you really develop digital DNA or are you born with it? Does that digital DNA become sharper through Experience and could Experience and that same DNA be heightened with new skills. Is digital DNA that great enable of our time and what ultimately determines our success in this new world of constant transformation?


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